Worktops & Tiles

Honister Green Slate brings kitchens and bathrooms to life with a timeless finish.

They make for a highly-durable cooking, preparation and serving surface, or in the bathroom, stylish plinths and vanity areas for storing your essentials. Our tiles looks immaculate and is hard-wearing, long-lasting and easy-to-clean. We can create worktops or flooring for any area of your home – entrances, kitchens, hallways and vanity units in bathrooms and even window sills.

Honister Green Slate is also resistant to commonly-used chemicals.


Slate Worktops
Slate Worktops
Slate Worktops
Slate Worktops


Slate Worktops
Slate Worktops
Slate Worktops

What you need to know…

Get a tape measure and give us your specifications:

  1. Length: We need to know the length of the worktop you want
  2. Width: We need to know the width of the worktop you want

Once you’ve identified these, we can discuss the following:

  • Thickness of your slate worktop
  • Finish
  • Edging
  • Personalised features like draining grooves for soaking pots, cut out areas to fit your sink or wash basins. We can also incorporate soap recesses or holes for taps.
  • Cost: The price of your worktop will depend on the size and quantity of workmanship required, so please contact us for a bespoke quote.
Worktop Shapes
Worktop Seal Info
  1. Where’s it going: Inside or outside? We can then pick the correct slate.
  2. Area: You do this by taking the length and width of your floor or wall and then multiplying these together to get the square metre of the entire floor. For example, a 2 metre x 3 metre kitchen would require 6 square metres of slate flooring.
  3. Slate type: Choose from Smooth or Riven. Riven is best used outside or in bathrooms as it provides a grip on surfaces likely to get wet. Whereas Smooth is best for kitchens and hallways.
  4. Thickness: Choose from two 10mm thick for inside and 20mm for outside. We can make the slate thicker if necessary – just ask. Delivery: Collect direct from us at Honister Slate Mine or we can deliver anywhere in UK mainland for £75 up to a tonne. Most floors are unlikely to be over a tonne.All prices exclude VAT.
  5. Costs: This varies on the size of the tiles and the type, eg Smooth or Riven.

Smooth Flooring Costs
  • 100mm wide x random lenghts x 10mm thick=£95.00 per square meter.
  • 200mm wide x radom lenghts  10mm thick = £115.00 per square meter.
  • 300mm long x 300mm wide x 10mm thick = £98.00 per square meter.
  • 600mm long x 300mm wide x 10mm thick = £144.00 per square meter.
  • 600mm long x 600mm wide x 20mm thick = £225.00 per square meter.
  • 400mm long x 300mm wide x 10mm thick = £145.00 per square meter.
Riven Flooring Costs:
  • 200mm wide x random lengths = £75.00 per square meter
  • 300mm long x 300mm wide x 12mm thick = £80.00 per square meter.
  • Farmhouse Flags (between 12 inches to 16inches width with random lengths and an inch thick) = £145.00 per square meter
  • Random Flooring (with a Riven finish at 10mm thick) comes in various sizes with the biggest tile within one square metre being 300mm long x 300mm wide = ONLY £55.00 per square meter.
  • We can make all tiles to your measurements and finish, just let us know your specifications as the above is only a short overview of our stock.

Please contact us for a free quote or to place your order

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