Crazy Paving

We offer two thickness of our Honister Crazy Paving. Our Thin Crazy Paving is between half-an-inch and an inch thick and is perfect for any outdoor pathways while our Thick Crazy Paving is between an inch to one-and-half inch thick and best used on driveways where you’ll be parking vehicles.

Thin Crazy Paving is £10.00 +VAT per square meter.

Thick Crazy Paving is £15.00 +VAT per square meter.

If you’d like to be precise with your order all you must do is calculate how much, you’ll need by simply measuring the length and width and multiply these two figures together to get the total square meterage you’ll need to cover.

For quotations/orders please email us at [email protected].


Honister Slate Chippings are a great way of creating a striking driveway, path or feature area in your garden priced at only £32.00 +VAT per tonne loose collected from us! They are 20-30mm sized in diameter. 1 tonne will cover approximately 11 square meters however if you’d like to have a flusher look then we recommend that you work it back to 8 square meters to the tonne. We can also provide the Chippings in a dumpy bag and these are £42.00 +VAT per tonne.

If you’d like to get a quotation including a delivery price, please email us your full delivery address to [email protected].


Westmorland Green Slate 12mm to Dust gives volume, stability and resistance to wear or erosion which is perfect for carparks and pathways. Our Dust is a low-cost product which can be used in very large quantities. 1 tonne is just £12.00 + VAT loose collected from us or £22.00 + VAT in a dumpy bag per tonne.

To get a quotation including a delivery price, please email us your full delivery address to [email protected].

Fill Your Boot

Are you needing some smaller pieces of slate but on a budget? Not to worry, we have the perfect answer – Fill Your Boot! Our Fill Your Boot is all our off-cuts which are great for smaller projects, you can pick and choose the piece you want for just £20.00!

The staff at Honister Slate Mine are an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredibly friendly, helpful and prompt to reply to any query I have had. Their Green Slate products are second to none in quality, aesthetics and durability.