Driveways & Paths

Make a perfect entrance to your home or garden using Honister Green Slate on driveways, paths, displays and rockeries.  We have a huge selection of different sizes  of Honister Green Slate. You can collect yourself direct from us or we can deliver anywhere in the UK. The photos below show a tape measure extended to 12 inches to give you a sense of scale.

Flower Garden Border

Slate Garden Border

Natural slate stones stacked high make a decorative flower garden border. The varying sizes of the natural slate stones add dimension and design interest to the border. Slate is often used as a flower garden border for modern style exteriors, but it can also work for a traditional and country style decor. They average at 6 inch width at 9 inch height.  They come in bundles of 15 slates for £28.00.

Crazy Paving

Thick Crazy Paving

Thin Crazy Paving

Honister Slate Mine offers two types of crazy paving – thick and thin. Thin is between half-an-inch and an inch thick, while thick is between an inch to one-and-half inch thick. Thick is best used on driveways where you’ll be parking vehicles, while Thin is perfect for pathways. It cost £10 plus VAT per square metre for thin, and £15 plus VAT per sq metre for thick.  Follow here to order online.


You can use dust on driveways, footpaths and roads as a handy base layer or as a solid material itself. Our dust size starts from 12mm to fine dust grain at £12 per tonne plus VAT. In a dumpy bag it’s £22 per tonne plus VAT.


Our chippings are another way of creating a striking driveway, path or feature area in your garden.  Our chippings are between 20mm and 30mm perimeter and a tonne of Honister Green Slate chippings will cover an area approximately 11 sq metres. For a tonne it costs just £32 plus VAT for them loose and collected from us, or only £42 plus VAT in a dumpy bag. We’ll help you get them onto your vehicle but you’ll need a trailer or a pick-up to get them home

Paddle Stones

Slate Paddle Stones
Slate Paddle Stones

If you want a pathway or a set of harder-wearing steps then choose Paddle Stones. Naturally, these are bigger and thicker than chippings and are useful if your steps are likely to take a lot of wear and tear. These are between 50mm to 100mm perimeter  and a tonne will cover 11 square metres with a 30mm depth. Paddle Stones can also be incorporated into gardens and ponds or to showcase certain areas of your garden. For a tonne it costs just £48 plus VAT for them loose or in a dumpy bag collected from us it’s only £58 plus VAT.



Shards can be used a fantastic decorative product around plants, rockeries and bedding. Customers tell us it is highly regarded for its mysterious ability to deter cats…. Shards come in various sizes from 20mm to 100mm in width and length. It’s £25 plus VAT per tonne loose and £35 plus VAT per tonne in a dumpy bag.

Parking Stones

If you’re plagued with inconsiderate motorists parking on grass or the border of your home, create your own private parking areas with our parking stones which can be left natural or painted white. We offer a range of parking stones in a variety of thickness and sizes. Just get in touch and tell us what you want.

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Rockery Stones

Many gardens now have rockery stones and ours range between 14 inch and 32 inch in size.  For a tonne of these, it’s just £125 plus vat and this will cover an area of two square metres.

Fill Ya Boot


Honister established a Fill Ya Boot scheme. These are our slate off-cuts which are great for smaller projects. You can pick and choose the pieces you want and it’s only £20.


We also have special rates for local delivery if ordered loose. We can also bag it and send it anywhere in the UK mainland for £75 up to a tonne plus VAT

Please contact us for a quote.

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