Honister Green Slate is a high quality material which makes for a beautiful, lasting memorial.  Customers choose our product because their loved one spent time in, or appreciated, the Lake District.
Each headstone is carefully hand-made to your requirements – making each one unique.

As well as its beautiful colour, this slate is renowned for its resistance to weather. It does not encourage growth of mosses or lichens and it is impervious to frost.
It is the ultimate last goodbye for someone special.

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Thank you so much for sorting out the plaque for me, it was ready as promised yesterday at 10am. and we are all so thrilled with it. It is a truly beautiful piece of work. It is going to stand out when its in its place at our local churchyard. Many thanks once again.


What you need to know…

  1. Size: Before choosing please check with the churchyard what size headstone they permit. Churchyards have rules about this so it is best to be certain. As a guide, the standard Honister headstone is around 34in tall by 22in wide by 3in thick. Honister’s most popular headstones are larger – eg 36in tall by 24in wide by 3in thick. We can make headstones smaller or larger for you.
  2. Shape: Our most popular shapes in a smooth headstone have the following names: Square Top, Square Top and Splayed Corners, Oval, Peon, Half Round, Ogee Top, Half Ogee, Square Top Rounded Shoulders or Serpentine Top. When it comes to Honister’s rustic headstones range these are unique and natural pieces of slate – no two of which are identical. These have a very natural shape, rough edges and serrated surface (although the area for your lettering is left smooth). If you want a distinctive and special Lake District headstone a ”rustic” is the one to choose. Rustic headstones tend to be rugged and triangular-shaped.
  3. Lettering: Regardless of the length of your inscription, Honister provides the appropriate lettering size to give your epitaph its best fit. We also provide you with a proof so you can see what the lettering look likes and for you to make any final amends or corrections. Only when you are 100% happy, will the lettering be added to the stone.
  4. Design: Some people prefer to personalise their stone with a designs like a cross, family crest, poem, biblical verse, quotation, flower or Celtic sign. If you have a particular inscription or design in mind to personalise your stone, let us know we can help.
  5. Delivery: Honister will arrange for your headstone to be delivered either to your chosen churchyard or to your local stone mason who then installs it on your behalf.
  6. Costs: Headstones are either three inches or four inches thick. A smooth headstone is £170 per square foot at three inches thick, or £195 per square foot at four inches thick. So a standard smooth headstone (36in tall by 24in wide by 3in thick) would come in at around £1020 plus VAT and delivery. A rustic headstone is either three inches or four inches thick. A three inch thick rustic headstone is £160 per square foot, and the four inch thick rustic is £180 per square foot. So, your standard rustic headstone (36in tall by 24in wide by 3in thick) would cost £960 plus VAT and delivery. Delivery costs are £75 to anywhere in the UK mainland. Lettering starts at £195 for an average amount of letter but if you want to recreate a poem or length of verse, the price will reduce accordingly.
Headstone Info Sheet
  • You do not need to buy a headstone base. However, if you don’t, you will need to order a taller headstone. The extra length is required so the head stone can be properly secured into the ground. This can vary from 6 inches to 12 inches depending on the size you would like to have outside the ground.
  • Bases again come in either rustic or smooth designs. Bases allow your headstone to be properly displayed.
  • For personal features, they can be made with space to accommodate plant pot holes.
  • This is not cheap, imported slate, just beautiful rugged Lake District stone from Honister Slate Mine.
  • Our time-served craftsmen make the memorial to your exact secifications. Each piece from lettering, polishing, design and delivery is given the utmost care and attention. You are too.
  • Each headstone is carefully handmade to your requirements, making each one unique as well as its beautiful colour, this slate is renowned for its resistance to weather. It does not encourage growth or mosses or lichens and it is impervious to frost.
  • Our headstones are the ultimate last goodbye for someone special
Headstone Bases Info Sheet
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