Remember Pets

Pets are part of the family and a way to commemorate yours is with a dedicated Honister plaque which you can site in your garden or home.
Each of Honister’s memorial plaques is carefully hand-made to your requirements – making each one exclusive to you.

As well as its beautiful colour, this natural Lake District slate is renowned for its resistance to weather and is highly durable. This makes them ideal for the garden or the home.

Slate Pet Memorial
Slate Pet Memorial

Choosing your pet memorial…

  1. Shape: Choose from three – landscape, portrait or bespoke. Landscape and portrait plaques can be fixed on a flat surface. A bespoke shape can be unique so if you have a specific shape in mind, let us know.
  2. Type: Choose from two – rustic or smooth. Honister’s rustic pet plaque are natural pieces of slate – no two of which are identical. If you want a distinctive and special Lake District plaque this is the one to choose. They have natural rough edges and a serrated surface (although the place for your lettering is smooth.) Our pet plaques are glossy and entirely polished making the surface of them entirely honed.
  3. Lettering: We will make your lettering fit on your pet plaque. We also provide you with a proof so you can see what it will look like and make any final corrections. Only when you are 100% happy, will the lettering be added to your stone.
  4. Design: Some people like to personalise their stone with a design such as a reproduction of a photograph of their pet or its breed. If you have a particular design in mind to personalise your stone let us know and we can help achieve it.
  5. Delivery: You can collect your pet plaque from Honister or we will arrange for it to be delivered to you.
  6. Cost: Landscape, portrait and bespoke pet plaques come at one-and-a-half inches thick. These are £110 per square foot. So an average pet memorial plaque (10 inches x 8 inches by 1.5 inches thick would come in at £61 plus VAT. Delivery costs will depend on the size/weight of your Plaque but will be no more than £12.50 plus VAT. Standard lettering is £2 per letter but if you want to recreate a poem the price can reduce accordingly. Pet memorials are much smaller so works out much cheaper on stone and delivery.
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