Slate Walling

Walling stone from Honister is one of our most popular trade products. Customers love that it’s a genuinely natural Lake District stone and this is often a requirement of local planning conditions in this area.

It’s hard-wearing, long-lasting, a superb colour and easy-to-work with.

We have three grades of walling stone you can order – Best Quality, Second Quality and Third Quality.

Best Quality

Our most prestigious walling stone.

£450 per tonne,  four-to-six inches on-bed with at least two sawn edges.

This covers 3 square metres to the tonne.

Best Quality Walling Slate
Best Quality Walling slate

Second Quality

Dockings are £295 per tonne, four to six inches on-bed with at least one sawn edge.
Random is £255 per tonne, four to fourteen inch on-bed with no sawn edges.

Covers 2.5 square metres to the tonne.

second quality walling slate
2nd quality walling slate

Third Quality

Hand-picked is £195 per tonne, roughly eight to twenty inch on bed.
Random is £155 per tonne wich goes up to 24 inch on bed.

This will cover 2.5 square metres to the tonne.

3rd quality walling slate

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