Water Features

Style your garden with a water feature made from Honister Green Slate. We make a distinctive range of bespoke water features and monoliths which create beautifully natural centrepieces to your garden.

Landscape designers often use Honister water features to replicate the rugged mountains and natural water of the Lake District.

Honister Slate Water Features
Honister Slate Water Features
Honister Slate Water Features

What you need to know…

  • Each water feature is individually hand-made and you cannot buy them anywhere else
  • They are easy to install, require very little maintenance and are not affected by exposure to frost. You can specify your own design or have one tailor-made
  • We also have a vast range of monoliths that we have onsite too. These standing stones can create a new dimension to your recreational areas and are very popular in Japanese-style gardens
  • Water Features start from £95 per foot plus VAT

  • Monoliths range from £75 per foot plus VAT

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